Compagnie Thor

Company Thor – Thierry Smits, choreographer on the last COMING SOON film “The Man with the Suitcase”

Born in Koersel (Belgium), Thierry Smits studied ballet and modern dance in Brussels and Paris. After a short career as a dancer, he soon began choreographing. He founded “Thor” company in 1990 and explores, often in an eclectic manner, the bonds between the mystic and erotic, the ambiguity between the sacred and corporeal, and questions the metaphysical problems of individual’s state of mind and emotion. With his first choreography, La Grâce du tombeur, presented in 1990 at the Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, he quickly gained international acclaim in the world of contemporary dance. Since then, he has been a tireless choreographer for his own company and others, and produced more than twenty dance productions, among these: Eros délétère (1991), Cyberchrist (1995), Soirée dansante (1995), Corps(e) (1998), Red Rubber Balls (1999), L’Ame au diable (1994/2002), Dionysos’ Last Day/Stigma (2003), Reliefs d’un banquet (2004), D’Orient (2005), and V.-Nightmares (2007). Gathering excellent performing artists from around the world, the company has established its reputation touring extensively throughout Belgium and abroad, notably in Europe, USA, Middle East and Northern Africa.                                    


Thierry Smits by Max Vadukul.    

“In coherence with my oniric world, I choreographed in a particular way for the magician, who is the key character of the short film “The Man with the Suitcase”. I chose to create some fragmented pieces that could be manipulated to suit the director’s ideas and the COMING SOON clothing.

For instance, in the scene which takes place in the Antwerp station stairs, the choreographic material was not initially meant for the station but for a house; because I created fragmented material, it could easily adapt to a different atmosphere, just as the dancer’s bodies and movements adapt to the COMING SOON clothes.”

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