Inge Grognard

Self-portrait by Inge

Inge Grognard, Make-up Artist on “The Man with the Suitcase”

Inge Grognard is a real character.  She talks a lot, not only with words but with her whole body.  The movement of her arms and hands support the ideas in her sentences.

Inge is a make-up artist, one of the few in this job who deserve to be called an “artist”.  She researches extensively and specifically for each project and the truly thrives when she is given artistic freedom, so that she can fully release her creativity.

For instance, on the Coming Soon film “The Man with the Suitcase”, she imagined the make-up while hearing the story of the film of dolls coming out of a suitcase.  She wanted to dirty the “dolls’” faces as though they had been stored for some time in the suitcase.

She also works on non-fashion projects, especially on an upcoming “big thing”, as she says, which she is preparing with her husband Ronald Stoops who is a photographer.

Inge has been a makeup artist for 23 years now.  She is a link in the chain of the Antwerp fashion scene.  She comes from the same village of the respected fashion designer, Martin Margiela, who she met at 14, when she already knew she wanted to be a make-up artist. Then she studied make-up in Antwerp and make her first steps along side Margiela.

When you ask her about her fashion preferences, she quotes Margiela, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, AF Vandervoorst, Haider Ackermann, “they are friends of mine, so I cannot be very objective.” She also cites H&M and Cos, her lovely Stan Smith, and of course, Coming Soon, “I love this Coming Soon collection, even if I could not wear it as a full look, I like the comfortable and affordable aspect of the clothes, as well as the timeless concept.”


  1. She's absolutely an artist. The make-up she created for the film added so much to the mood and overall ominous yet beautiful theme.

  2. "timeless" is a very appropriate description of Coming Soon. the line is both familiar and completely unique