1000 films to see before you die.

Well its been over 100 years that we had the Lumiere brothers show Parisians 'The arrival of a Train at a Station' and freak out the minds of the viewers,and we know that more than a million films have been done since the internet has been active.

So I have selected some of the films I think you should see before you are moving of to another place in the universe .Lets start by the letter A ,and each week i will post a new title .

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
(Tom Shadyac, 1994)
A goofy detective turns town upside-down in search of a missing dolphin - any old plot would have done for oven-ready megastar Jim Carrey. A ski-jump hairdo, a zillion impersonations, making his bum "talk" - Ace Ventura showcases Jim Carrey's near-rapturous gifts for physical comedy long before he became encumbered by notions of serious acting.

Now This Film is a must see weather or not you have a sense of Humour or not ,Jim carey is out of the body experience had me in a knot laughing ,so Enjoy this movie and post your comments and i welcome a exchange on the films.

Max V

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